Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Acorn

Artist: The Acorn

Album: Glory Hope Mountain

Label: Paper Bag Records

Genre: Folk, Indie-folk

Comments: This is a concept album based on the life of Rolf Klausen's Hondoran mother, Gloria Esperanza Montoya (the title is a loose translation of her name) who immigrated to Montreal in the 1970's. According to NPR, The Acorn describe their music as "the splishsplashsplosh of aminotic fluids sluicing through a rusty sewer grate" which I find mesmerizing but also gross, though it does suggest something of the intimacy, vulnerability and tenderness of this beautifully orchestrated album. I've listened to it three times thru straight, which is really saying something considering the number of CDs still left to review.

RIYL: Beirut, Akron/Family, Wilco, Devendra Banhart


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