Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Magnetic Fields

Artist: The Magnetic Fields

Album: Distortion

Genre: Rock (Indie Pop)

Comments: Stephin Merritt and co. return with the follow-up to 2004's stripped-down record i. On Distortion, the Magnetic Fields veer away from the acoustic guitars and strings of i, opting instead for the guitar-fuzz indicated by the album's title. Shirley Simms, who sang on 69 Love Songs, contributes lead vocals on several tracks, in particular the catchy "California Girls" and "Drive On, Driver." There are still plenty of perfect examples of Merritt's depressed (but, strangely, not depressing) vocals; start with "Old Fools." What ties this record perfectly into the Magnetic Fields' lengthy back catalog is Merritt's penchant for songwriting.

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