Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Artist: Ssion

Album: Fool's Gold

Label: Sleazetone Records

Genre: Glam Rock, Disco, Synth-Pop, New Wave

Comments: Ssion (pronounced "shun") is just ridiculous. The group goes wild on the lyrics and the glam rock/dirty disco beats found on Fool's Gold. Sure, a lot of these tracks aren't clean for radio, but this such a fun album. Try imagining it as the more offensive version of the Scissor Sisters. This is such a guilty pleasure, but it's undeniably funky and fun. Lead singer Cody Critcheloe has been described as "early Madonna and Courtney Love trapped in a man's body," and it's not hard to see that. Even if you're not going to listen to it, it might be interesting enough to check out the bizarre album art.


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