Sunday, January 20, 2008

State Radio

Artist: State Radio

Album: -Year of the Crow

Genre: Rock, Alternative Pop-Rock, Jam

Comments: It must have been 8th grade when my church youth group took a weekend beach trip to the Texas coast. Sunday morning when we were making funny shaped pancakes and getting ready to leave, someone put on Dispatch's "The General" and I immediately fell in love with its story-telling a la "One Tin-Soldier" and sparser sound. Got home, downloaded it, listened to it a thousand times, but never pursued Dispatch much further (though that was around the same time as brief love affairs with Phish and Sublime). From what I understand, the group had quite a following, and State Radio is the new project of Chad Urmston, formerly of Dispatch. Seems like State Radio has more ska and post-punk influences in addition to the jam band/reggae elements it shares with Dispatch. In any case, these are some good, definitely politically charged (with names like "Sudan," "Guantanamo," and "Fall of the American Empire" tracks for fans of Dispatch and then some.

The Syndicate

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