Monday, June 30, 2008


Add Date: July 1

Artist: Doomtree

Album: S/T (Radio Edits)

Label: Self-released

Genre: Rap

Comments: "Much like Voltron, Doomtree is a juggernaut of raw musical force that formed when when; P.O.S., Sims, Cecil Otter, Dessa, Emily Bloodmobile, Lazerbeak, Marshall Larada, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, Tom Servio and Turbo Nemesis decided to put their heads together and create something that was guaranteed to make heads turn…and it has. Doomtree’s steady ascent in the indie world has been credited to the group’s DIY ethos and the charisma of its performers. They’ve worked and lived together since they were kids—sharing money, homes, colds, gear, and stages across the country. Members have toured extensively, and earned enthusiastic reviews from Urb, Pitchfork, Okayplayer and CMJ."

Extra catchy music that will appeal to fans of punk, indie rock and old school rap. Seems to be quality stuff. Their debut album will be released at the end of July.


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