Monday, June 30, 2008

Ry Cooder

Add Date: July 1

Artist: Ry Cooder

Album: I, Flathead


Genre: Americana

Comments: "Ry Cooder completes his California trilogy (which began with 2005's Chavez Ravine and 2007's My Name is Buddy) with I, Flathead, and album of music by the fictional musician Kash Buk and his band the Klowns, characters in Cooder's 95-page novella. ... The novella tells the story of Kash Buk and his friend Shakey the alien, along with various friend, lovers, enemies, and associates in a bygone California filled with deserts, salt-flat racing, Native Americans, seedy dance halls, amusement parks and sinister plots."

I don't know about the concept-- but the music is good. Check out the catchy "Pink-O Boogie."

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