Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Notwist

Add Date: June 17

Artist: The Notwist

Album: The Devil, You + Me

Label: Domino

Genre: Indie rock, electronic

Comments: On first listen to The Devil, You + Me, the sixth record from this Bavarian band but first since 2002's Neon Golden, it's hard to believe that the Notwist were originally a post-hardcore band. Their recent work has been influenced more heavily by electronic rock, and by some of the bands with whom they've collaborated (including MS John Soda, 13 + God and Themselves). The Notwist's sound is hard to pin down, but this record would appeal to fans of bands ranging from Caribou to Sonic Youth. The Devil, You + Me won't get the attention of some other big summer releases, but it will resurface down the road when we talk about 2008's best.

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