Monday, June 9, 2008

Robert Pollard

Add Date: June 10

Artist: Robert Pollard

Album: Robert Pollard Is Off to Business

Label: Guided By Voices, Inc.

Genre: Indie rock

Comments: According to the promo flyer, this "will be Robert Pollard's only proper 'Robert Pollard' full-length for 2008." Whatever that means. He also has a coffee-table book coming out, billed as a retrospective of his lyrics and collage art. (Seriously.) According to Wikipedia's count, this is Pollard's 19th solo release (LP or EP), all since 1996, not to mention the 14 records that Guided By Voices put out during that span before their finale in 2004. Here's the thing, though: Pollard can't seem to stop writing songs. And good songs. The running joke was never that he was releasing bad records, just that he was putting out too much music for fans to digest. Robert Pollard Is Off to Business contains more tunes that, while they may not rank among his all-time best, are still very much worth your time. Check out "Gratification to Complete," "The Original Heart" and "Weatherman and Skin Goddess."

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