Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alaska in Winter

Add Date: July 8

Artist: Alaska in Winter

Album: Dance Party in the Balkans

Label: Milan

Genre: Rock, downtempo, synth pop

Comments: The project of Brandon Bethancourt, Alaska in Winter exists somewhere in the vast space between Air and Beirut, whose Zach Condon plays trumpet, flugelhorn and ukelele on this record and also sings on "Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind." In fact, Bethancourt gathered a host of talented musicians to help him finish an album he started making while holed up in a cabin on the Alaskan coast. And just how many so-called "synth pop" records have you heard with strings and horns? An excellent, and wonderfully unique, collection. Start with "The Homeless and the Hummingbirds," "Horsey Horse" and the title selection; also check out the bonus track "A Love Note from Your Piano," slightly more upbeat than the rest of the record.

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