Monday, August 4, 2008

Apollo Sunshine

Add Date: August 5

Artist: Apollo Sunshine

Album: Shall Noise Upon

Label: Headless Heroes Records

Genre: Psych-Pop, Folk

Comments: This is a truly enjoyable eclectic album that holds your interest all the way through. Ranging from ambient to downright folksy, Apollo Sunshine puts on a good show on their their third release. Reminiscent of The Beatles--maybe Sgt. Pepper's-era--cheery and clever like The Flaming Lips, this group still manages to sound distinct. It's like they get inspired by just about every genre and work to craft something to fit each. The whole thing is great, but definitely listen to "Breeze" or "666: The Coming to the New World Government" for the psych-pop flavor,"Brotherhood of Death" for a fine blues-rock bit, or "Money" for a nice little folk-pop.


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