Sunday, August 31, 2008

Band of Annuals

Add Date: September 2

Artist: Band of Annuals

Album: Let Me Live

Label: Kilby

Genre: Alt-country, folk

Comments: Alt-country fans, rejoice--Band of Annuals have all the familiar components of the genre. "Let Me Live" is brimming with pretty pedal steel, wailing harmonica, gentle vocal harmonies, and references to whiskey and Kentucky. Hailing from Salt Lake City, the band has demonstrated its indie cred by opening for artists like Daniel Johnston, Neko Case, and Pinback during its 4-year career. Their new album sounds like vintage Ryan Adams, with slow-burning country songs that tug at the heartstrings. The vocal duets between singers Jay Henderson and Jeremi Hanson on "Lessons Learned" and "Blood On My Shirt" are mighty fine, and the up-tempo downer "David's Country" is a real toe-tapper.

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