Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don Caballero

Add Date: August 19

Artist: Don Caballero

Album: Punkgasm

Label: Relapse

Genre: Experimental rock, math rock

Comments: From the onesheet: "Don Caballero, propelled, as always by drumming virtuoso Damon Che, twists and turns through fourteen new tracks on its brand new album Punkgasm. Punkgasm explodes with all of the band's legendary trademarks: wildly inventive poly-rhythms; layers of looping guitar acrobatics; rich melodies and textures; and expansive compositions that evolve and unfold from start to finish. The album's more relaxed feel sees the band pushing their sound in a host of surprising new directions to create an album as equally gratifying on its first listen as its 50th. Punkgasm is a celebration of Don Caballero at its finest!"

Well said. Punkgasm will appeal to fans of the fine LP Mirrored by Battles, whose Ian Williams left Don Caballero to join that band. Start with "Bulk Eye" and "Lord Krepelka."

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