Thursday, September 25, 2008

Terry Lynn

Add Date: September 23

Artist: Terry Lynn

Album: Kingstonlogic

Label: Last Gang

Genre: International, electronica, dub

Comments: From the promoter: "The environment in which Terry Lynn grew up is Waterhouse, an impoverished neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica. Her sound is as penetrating as her message, both unrelenting in their break from the status quo, and demand for change. Daft Punk meets Marley meets Malcolm X--Terry's revolution remains one of optimism while depicted with powerful imagery uncovering the serious and often dark picture of corruption, violence, and poverty that makes up day to day life on the 'other' side of Jamaica... Her depth of songwriting, her choice of subject matter and her ability to pierce through to the heart of the social issues surrounding her and the militant angle she chose to take, placed her starkly outside the mold of the current JA dancehall scene."

Lynn's debut, Kingstonlogic, will be released on Last Gang Records, the current home of Metric, Crystal Castles and Mother Mother. Check out the title track, "Consumers" and "Stone."

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