Thursday, September 4, 2008


Add Date: September 2

Artist: Tricky

Album: Knowle West Boy

Label: Domino

Genre: Electronica, trip hop, rock

Comments: From label Domino: "Tricky is back! Knowle West Boy is has first album in five long years... Knowle West Boy finds Tricky detailing the travels and travails of his youth, exploring and seizing his roots as a child of multiple cultures growing up in Bristol, England. Recorded in London and LA, Knowle West Boy is an eclectic aural history of his upbringing, where unemployment was rampant and the music scene was extraordinarily vibrant. It was produced entirely by Tricky and is the summation of everything he has accomplished--from early work with Massive Attack, to his breakout debut album, to the accolades, albums, and worldwide tours that followed--over his brilliant career."

The "Similar Artists" section on Tricky's entry ranges from DJ Shadow to Portishead, from the Wu-Tang Clan to Thievery Corporation, and Knowle West Boy is another indication of his musical diversity. Check out "Bacative," "C'Mon Baby" and "Cross to Bear."

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