Thursday, September 25, 2008

XX Teens

Add Date: September 23

Artist: XX Teens

Album: Welcome to Goon Island

Label: Mute

Genre: Post-punk, dance rock

Comments: London's XX Teens combine the post-punk styles of their heaviest influence, the Fall, with just a little bit of dance rock in the style of !!!. The result is a refreshing British rock record, released on Mute--a label whose U.S. roster is very impressive, including Hercules and Love Affair and M83, but whose UK catalog is scary good. The first few tracks on Welcome to Goon Island are decent enough, including the solid "The Way We Were" and the lead single "Onkawara," but things really pick up toward the end. Also check out "Sun Comes Up," "Only You" and "My Favourite Hat," all of which appear on the second half of the record. A very promising debut.

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