Thursday, October 23, 2008


Add Date: October 21

Artist: Annuals

Album: Such Fun

Label: Canvasback Music

Genre: Indie pop

Comments: Sweeping, slightly digitized pop ballads. What excites me are the guitar solos. Guitarist Kenny Florence clearly has some chops. The songs are broad in scope and perhaps that's the idea: Annuals create, according to All Music, an "evocative image of the great outdoors with a few well-placed brush strokes," a la the cover art, by PBS's Bob Ross. You know, that afro painter guy with his "happy blues." This is mighty fine pop music, particularly track 3, but it all feels like you're outside, sitting around, perhaps at a picnic or gone for a nice walk. Put this on, close your eyes, and pray for warm weather once again. If you're an Elected fan, you might check this out.

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