Friday, February 6, 2009

Mike Bones

Add Date: February 10

Artist: Mike Bones

Album: A Fool For Everyone

Label: The Social Registry

Genre: Folk rock

Comments: Mike Bones throws it all out there on the first track of his new album, A Fool For Everyone, taking on love and hate and the fools caught somewhere in between. "Today The World Is Worthy Of My Loathing" is an articulate a pessimist's rant overtop of a delightfully sloppy rhythm section that builds to an epic Queen-style solo about three minutes in. Bones keeps the intensity up on this, his second album, which was recorded last April over the course of four days. With the production and the anthemic scope, you'd think it took at least our months. Matt Sweeney plays on here and lends some of his wonderful guitar chops to Bones' ramblin' David Dondero-esque folk-rockers.

Some generations removed from Dylan and Springsteen by way of Ted Leo, Bones has produced a gem of an album only 34 minutes in length but worth every listen. Bones even name checks Bright Eyes on a track, as well, which gets him points from me. Standouts include 1, 2, 3, and, most especially, "What I Have Left."

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