Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ape School

Add Date: April 28

Artist: Ape School

Album: Ape School

Label: Counter

Genre: Rock, psych pop

Comments: The onesheet says: "This second one-man-does-all album by Michael Johnson--the first to use his primate moniker--marries primitive songs with incorporeal sound... From the start of 'Wail to God,' the tonal breadth and sonic fluidity of Ape School is clear. A song like 'Did What I Did' flirts with pop sensibility, but delves into subtle feedback before it reaches repetition. Elsewhere, as on 'My Intention' and 'Deathstomp', Michael goes for full mechanical shredding, focused romps of analog rock glory, awash in system buzz. Other more spacious moments like 'That's OK', 'It's Over' and 'The Underground' reveal the songs' instrumental basis, and showcase more clearly the clever, eloquent lyrics of his elastic tenor... Although Ape School is in its most natural form a solo project that reminisces early David Byrne, Johnson's live band features members of the Lilys, Holopaw and Human Television."

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