Thursday, April 16, 2009

Floating Action

Add Date: April 21

Artist: Floating Action

Album: Floating Action

Label: Park the Van

Genre: Rock, blues rock

Comments: Floating Action is Chapel Hill's Seth Kauffman, who has released several good records under his own name--including the vastly underrated 2007 issue Ting. He's now putting his stuff out on Park the Van (the Peekers, Dr. Dog, the High Strung); here's some info from the promoter on Floating Action: "Kauffman has performed and recorded virtually every note himself at his home studio, and--in an age where obsessive computer editing and auto-tuning are taking the humanity out of even most home recordings--once again his refreshingly organic approach to making music is receiving rave reviews..." Daytrotter adds: "He invokes those classic, soul staples of deep and penetrating bass lines, simple but ideal and perfect lyrics about the troubles of love and jingling guitars. He gives you the jitters and the absolute sway is all his."

Floating Action's lo-fi blues rock tunes occasionally are infused with Motown soul ("Say Goodbye") or border on reggae ("Dying Punch" and "Pills to Grind"). Also check out "Don't Stop (Loving Me Now)," "50 Lashes" and "Cinder Cone."

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