Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great Northern

Add Date: April 21

Artist: Great Northern

Album: Remind Me Where the Light Is

Label: Eenie Meenie

Genre: Rock, dream pop

Comments: From the onesheet: "Great Northern (consisting of members Rachel Stolte and co-writer Solon Bixler) aren't afraid to enter into what Bixler describes as 'uncomfortable territory' with the release of their sophomore album Remind Me Where the Light Is. The album takes a decidedly dark, but hauntingly beautiful turn from the duo's previous efforts, as evidenced in the album's single, 'Houses.' Taking that risk helped them find beauty in sadness, the uplifting elements in the devastating."

For fans of Earlimart--Bixler spent a few years with those fellow SoCal indie-poppers--and current playlist bands Doves and Eulogies. There's definitely a Jesus & Mary Chain-type psychedelic undertone to this record. In addition to "Houses," try "Mountain" and "Warning."

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