Friday, April 24, 2009

James Yuill

Add Date: April 21

Artist: James Yuill

Album: Turning Down Water for Air

Label: Nettwerk

Genre: Folk, electropop

Comments: The promoter says: "Turning Down Water for Air is constructed of gently-plinking guitar, cello and laptop, and the outcome is a combo of sweet and innocent acoustic melodies with darkly introspective electronic magic. Drawing comparison to a more electronica Iron & Wine, and a more folk driven version of The Postal Service, Yuill manages to create dance-friendly tracks as well as more subdued tunes. Combining the lyrical and emotional depth of Radiohead and the beats of The Chemical Brothers, Yuill has created his own niche of folktronica."

Those are lofty comparisons, of course, but they at least lead you in the right direction. And I can't get enough of that "gently-plinking... laptop..." Fun with syntax! Check out "This Sweet Love" and "How Could I Lose."

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