Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Vaselines

Add Date: April 28

Artist: The Vaselines

Album: Enter the Vaselines

Label: Sub Pop

Genre: Rock, pop, punk

Comments: Take a trip through rock history with Enter the Vaselines. Disc 1 is simply a re-release of all official music released by The Vaselines throughout their history, which only amounts to two EPs and one LP. Even though brief, they were very influential, with bands like Belle & Sebastian and Nirvana listing them among their influences. As for their style, it oddly exists somewhere between the two, like a very immature and vulgar (although not DNP, for the most part) twee-punk. As for the second disc, it is only demos and a live album, with only one song not listed on the first album. With the higher recording standard on the first CD, focus there, the second one mainly being for fans of the band and rock historians.

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