Monday, June 29, 2009


Add Date: June 30

Artist: Pterodactyl

Album: Worldwild

Label: Brah/Jagjaguwar

Genre: Rock, experimental

Comments: From the promoter: "Pterodactyl follows up on their self-titled debut with the stunning Worldwild. The experimental Brooklyn four-piece combine their rhythmic style into a mind-bending clash of piercing guitars, out-worldly sounds, and spot-on harmonies. The post-punk odyssey truly shines during 'Old Clouds,' when Pterodactyl's heavy experimentation comes together to create something coherently beautiful. While 'Lawrence' begins with angelic qualities, it soon comes to a close with a climactic guitar meltdown. Fans of Magik Markers, HEALTH and No Age will be overwhelmed by the triumphant adventure that is Worldwild!"

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