Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tiny Vipers

Add Date: June 23

Artist: Tiny Vipers

Album: Life on Earth

Label: Sub Pop

Genre: Folk

Comments: I deliberately avoided applying the label "singer/songwriter" in the genre description above. Tiny Vipers' Jesy Fortino is a (good) singer and a (very good) songwriter, but there's a whole lot more happening on Life on Earth, her second album. The New York Times has said: "She's not just telling stories; she's after incantation and trance." Sub Pop adds: "Transcending the mere folk tag, Fortino leaves behind her contemporaries... Drawing from disparate inspirational sources, from the avant-garde or from country musician Townes Van Zandt, Fortino's playing is no imitation. It stands as its own, giving a musical life to those themes that inhabit her lyricisms: love found and lost, places come and gone."

Consider Fortino, then, a "singer/songwriter" in the same class as Bill Callahan, Joanna Newsom, Nina Nastasia or Sam Beam of labelmate Iron & Wine. Go to "Development" and "Dreamer."

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