Monday, July 27, 2009


Add Date: July 28

Artist: Yppah

Album: They Know What Ghost Know

Label: Ninja Tune

Genre: Rock, psych rock, electronic rock

Comments: Mexican-American Joe Corrales, Jr., known as Yppah (that's "Happy" spelled backwards, and it's pronounced "Yippah"), is categorized as an electronic artist; however, They Know What Ghost Know, his second release on Ninja Tune, is very much a rock record--influenced and informed by electronica, sure, but rock nonetheless. And it's a very good one, cramming in elements of shoegaze, psychedelia and hip hop. Instrumental rock must really stand out to get noticed, and Yppah has made just such a record worthy of your attention. Start with "Son Saves the Rest," "Gumball Machine Weekend" and "Shutter Speed."

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