Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Inner Banks

Add Date: September 1

Artist: The Inner Banks

Album: Songs from Disko Bay

Label: DAG!

Genre: Rock, ambient pop

Comments: From the promoter: "The Inner Banks is married couple Caroline Schutz and David Gould and their eclectic group of collaborators... Songs from Disko Bay contains much more lyrical content than the Inner Banks' mostly instrumental self-titled first album, and continues to build on the wide-ranging musical influences the group tends to incorporate. In addition to the usual finger-picked guitars and orchestral interludes, the new songs also subtly incorporate field recordings from Coney Island, distressed tape loops, an antique Californian harpsichord, lap steel, and a bit of banjo. Lyrically, the songs draw loosely on imagery from such faraway places as Iceland, Nepal and Mexico City..."

This is very beautiful music. Start with "Pyramids," "Tournament of Wives" and "Lemon Tree."

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