Sunday, November 1, 2009

Argyle Johansen

Add Date: November 3

Artist: Argyle Johansen

Album: Argyle Johansen

Label: Self-released

Genre: Rock, Folk, Pop

Comments: Promoter says it best: [Argyle Johansen's self-released album is a] seemingly effortless mixture of organic pop and folk music - with a few other delightful ingredients." This album is a great addition to the folk pop world. The songs reflect soft melodic sounds of Belle and Sebastian. The promoter suggests Johansen's sound is comparable to Paul Simon (with or without Garfunkel). It is definitely a folk sound, but soft, poppy and accessible enough to pry a smile out of anyone who listens. Layered, full and warm production with instruments that take one or two listens to notice they add a different dynamic. Soft voice from Mr. Johansen, but he hits the notes that make his melodies warm and progressive. Check out "The Smile on my Face" (1), "Spanish Girls in Amsterdam" (5), "Sunny Day in Hell" (8).

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