Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Computer Perfection

Add Date: November 24

Artist: Computer Perfection

Album: Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell

Label: Le Grand Magistery

Genre: Indie pop

Comments: "Computer Perfection is a psychedelic pop five-piece hailing from Michigan which features ex-members of Pas/Cal. Influenced by everything from film to literature to food, Computer Perfection's organic and imperfect pop sound is punctuated with janging percussion, ethereal vocals, and electronic blips that create a lush and epic tour de force" (Terrorbird). I wouldn't quite call this collection of quaint pop tunes an "epic tour de force," but the rest is spot on: they are dorks with something to say and they sing it pretty articulately. Fans of Islands or Architecture in Helsinki might give this one a listen. Start with the first track.

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