Monday, November 30, 2009

Family of the Year

Add Date: December 1

Artist: Family of the Year

Album: Songbook

Label: Washashore

Genre: Folk pop

Comments: A lovely little record from these Californians, Songbook is a debut from a band with high praises from Keith Lockhart, the composer of the Boston Pops, as well as a little-known artist named Ben Folds. I call them folk pop, but they wear their other music stylings well -- mixing in some rock and synthesizers -- and the interplay between singers Vanessa Jeanne Long and Joseph Keefe is lovely. Terrorbird draws comparisons between Family and Fleetwood Mac as well as late-era Beatles, but fans of more contemporary polite-folk-poppers (like, say, Guster) will enjoy Songbook. Start with "Feel Good Track of Rosemead" and "Stupidland."

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