Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Systems Officer

Add Date: November 10

Artist: Systems Officer

Album: Underslept

Label: Temporary Residence Limited

Genre: Pop

Comments: From the promoter:

"Systems Officer is the solo project from mastermind Armistead Burwll Smith IV, the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and founding member of Pinback & Three Mile Pilot. Underslept is a five year project written and recorded between breaks in Pinback's recording and touring schedule. Systems Officer features the same kind of intricate arrangements and layered vocal harmonies that have become a trademark of Pinback, with nods to the dramatic tone that marks the bet Three Mile Pilor songs. Underslept gives Smith the opportunity to show off his talents as a signer and songwriter, drawing influences from Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and The Beach Boys to create progressive pop gems with unforgettable hooks."

Catchy and distinct. Go to "Shape Shifter."


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