Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creature With The Atom Brain

Add Date: March 2

Artist: Creature With The Atom Brain

Album: Transylvania

Label: The End

Genre: Rock

Comments: Creature With The Atom Brain, a group hailing from Belgium, creates psychadelic alt-rock, and their latest record Transylvania is great take on the down-and-out garage rock style. Grooves and African rhythms give their sound a unique twist, and solid instrumentation backs up every track. Mixed by Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age) and featuring appearances by Mark Lanegan (check out track 5, "Lonely Light"), Q magazine gave the album a 4/5 rating and says "long endorsed by Josh Homme, these Belgians' stoner/psych credentials are impeccable even before Mark Lanegan and Chris Goss signed up for this sublimely lysergic release". Hey, if it's good enough for Josh Homme, it's good enough for me (and it is really pretty good).

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