Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Add Date: March 2

Artist: Sambassadeur

Album: European

Label: Labrador

Genre: Pop

Comments: From the promoter:
"European is a daydream, something like traveling without moving. As the piano chords of opener 'Stranded' rush up to greet the rest of the song, the beauty of Swedish quartet Sambassadeur's third full-length hits like wind in sails. From there European is a sea of pop gems. 'I Can Try,' for instance is a kaleidoscope of syths and strings with New Order bass. Did I mention the sax solo? That's there too. Filling out the music on the album in the angelic voice of Anna Persson, the perfect lead for the band's summery sound. If your indie pop favorites include The Mary Onettes, jj, & Beach House, stop reading about Sambassadeur and start listening right away!"

I'd put this group more in line with upbeat Belle & Sebastian numbers than Beach House-- but they still make lovely, shimmery pop with nice female vocals.


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