Monday, March 1, 2010

These New Puritans

Add Date: March 2

Artist: These New Puritans

Album: Hidden

Label: Domino

Genre: Pop, Electro, Post-Punk

Comments: From the promoter:
"[These New Puritans] first came to prominence with their 2008 debut album, Beat Pyramid. ...Although compared to other post-punk groups, the album has elements of dancehall , while recurring motifs across the songs point to an interest in theme, structure and musical narratives that set them well apart from their scattershot guitar contemporaries.

"Now come the evidence of that in the form of Hidden, their second album, is a work so extraordinary in its range, ambition and clarity of purpose as to defy overall comparison with anything you have ever heard." As group member Steve Barnett describes, the album was "about bouncing between... getting the thumping pop sound of a Britney Spears with the melancholy you can get from brass and woodwind ensembles."

Funky, heavy pop music. Check 'em out if you like Justice or Yeasayer. Go to the driving beats of "Three-Thousand" or the darker, smoother "White Cords."


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