Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Black Francis

Add Date: April 6

Artist: Black Francis

Album: Nonstoperotik

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Genre: Indie rock

Comments: Another release from Black Francis (a.k.a. Pixies frontman Frank Black), which makes Nonstoperotik something like his 19th solo record since the early '90s dissolution of Pixies. While that band is revived and kicking, Black Francis is making fine tunes in the pop vein on this record, which is set to be accompanied by a Judy Jacob film. The record was recorded in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and "a haunted studio in London," the last of which shines out on tracks like "Wild Son." Overall, not quite a new Pixies record and not Black's best (my favorites include his folk-country romp Honeycomb and Teenager of the Year), but "Six Legged Man" and "Corrina" are still quality tunes.

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