Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Consulate General

Add Date: April 13

Artist: The Consulate General

Album: Person Number

Label: Circle Into Square

Genre: Rock, electropop

Comments: The Consulate General is the new project of Boy in Static's Alexander Chen; Person Number is a synth-driven indie pop record that will appeal to fans of The Notwist, Her Space Holiday and Montag--all of whom Chen has toured and/or collaborated with. And like those acts, The Consulate General's music involves more extensive instrumentation than your average synth pop album, including marimba, clarinet and even upright bass. Montag's Antoine Bedard features on opening track "What Time Is It Now," and the record also includes guest work from members of Misha, Slowdive and Sole & the Skyrider Band. In addition to the album opener, check out "65 or Older," "On the Run" and "Sweet Solano."

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