Monday, April 19, 2010

Earl Greyhound

Add Date: April 20

Artist: Earl Greyhound

Album: Suspicious Package

Label: Hawk Race

Genre: Rock

Comments: Suspicious Package is the second record from NYC band Earl Greyhound, which has drawn attention for its raucous live performances--exactly what you might expect from a guitar-driven neo-classic rock trio. From the band's web site: "The album marks a turning point in the band's maturation since the benefit of [drummer Ricc] Sheridan's full creative collaboration. Listeners will notice a marked expansion into the higher reaches of the sonic territories. Heavy, dark, groovy and grand--Suspicious Package is a reminder that through ROCK is still only a four-letter word, it can still pack a load of splendor."

Interesting trivia: Sheridan replaced the band's original drummer, Christopher Bear, now a member of Grizzly Bear. (Not too many musical similarities between the two bands, however) Check out "The Eyes of Cassandra/Part II" and "Ghost and the Witness."

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