Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Add Date: April 27

Artist: Flugente

Album: 2

Label: Self-released

Genre: Folk

Comments: From the promoter (Beehive Candy):

"Flugente, the solo project from former The Blam frontman Jerry Adler, has just released his second album Flugente 2. This is stripped down and raw where the musical focus is on unadorned Americana, a captivating blend of folk, alt-country, and pop. If you like anyone from Bob Dylan to Lucinda Williams, I think there might be a place in your collection for this guy. Continuing the narrative that traces a path from Woodie Guthrie through modern day artists such as The Felice Brothers, Flugente is a testament to just how far American acoustic music has come as we enter the second decade of the 21st century. With strikingly poetic lyrics; captivating, almost whispered harmonies; and twanging fingerpicked guitar, I have to say this guy deserves a lot of attention."

For fans of early Bob Dylan or Conor Oberst. Listen to "It's Not Just the Summer That Is Ending" or "I Can't Wait Anymore."


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