Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Freelance Whales

Add Date: April 6

Artist: Freelance Whales

Album: Weathervanes

Label: Mom + Pop Music

Genre: Indie Pop

Comments: From the promoter: "Weathervanes, the group's debut LP...[is] [s]wirling with organic and synthetic textures, interlocking rhythmic patterns, and light harmonic vocals. [T]he record works to tell a simple, pre-adolescent love story: a young male falls in love with the spectral young femme who haunts his childhood home. He chases her in his dreams but finds her to be mostly elusive. He imagines her alive, and wonders if someday he'll take on her responsibilities of ghosting, or if maybe he'll join her, elsewhere".

Adorable. A better Postal Service, if you ask me. I particularly liked 1 and 2.

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