Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frog Eyes

Add Date: April 27

Frog Eyes

Paul's Tomb: A Triumph

Dead Oceans

Rock, psych rock, post-punk

From the onesheet: "Frog Eyes are equally informed by Scott Walker and Roxy Music, Nuggets collections and the Everly Brothers. But in truth, Frog Eyes' recordings sound like nothing else but Frog Eyes... Singer/guitarist Carey Mercer's instantly recognizable howl is ever-present, soaring above the frenetic beats of drummer Melanie Campbell. Paul's Tomb: A Triumph is in the canon of 'two-guitar' records: the majestic shredding between Mercer and Ryan Beattie recalls everything from Neil Young/Danny Whitten's work on early Young recordings to Tom Verlaine and even, occasionally, Hendrix. The synths weave in and out of this buzzing wall of sound, and new Frog Eyes member Megan Boddy's sweet backing vocals are a kind of foil for Mercer's wail. Mercer's lyrics are a continuing refinement of warnings and prophecies, threats and terrors, and what he calls 'contrapuntal sharp blasts of hope.'"

For fans of Wolf Parade, Captain Beefheart, Pixies and Tom Waits. Start with "Rebel Horns" and "Lear in Love."

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