Sunday, April 4, 2010

John Grant

Add Date: April 6

Artist: John Grant

Album: Queen of Denmark

Label: Bella Union

Genre: Pop

Comments: From the promoter:

"Denver's John Grant is as talented as he is cynical. 'We just had so much hatred for each other that we couldn't carry on,' says Grant of his relationship with former band members from The Czars. 'I spent about a year thinking I must kill myself.' But in the end that vitriol, spawned by growing up gay in stifling small-town America, resulted as artistic fuel-- thanks to acclaimed Texas band Midlake. The band befriended Grant and invited him into their studio, serving as his backing band, where they recorded and produced Queen of Denmark, his solo debut. 'What those guys did for me, I can't thank them enough.' Recalling the halcyon days of 70s AM gold, Queen of Denmark is partly the product of a pension for his parents' 8-tracks and his still-raw emotional wounds."

Recommended for fans of Tim Buckley, The Czars and Randy Newman. Check out "Leopard and Lamb."

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