Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Manchester Orchestra

Add Date: April 6

Artist: Machester Orchestra

Album: Live at Park Ave. (EP)

Label: Favorite Gentlemen/Columbia

Genre: Indie rock, folk

Comments: I absolutely love this record. I've heard the band's name floating around for awhile now, but I cannot get enough of this stellar live EP from these Georgia boys, who sound to me like a mix of Damien Rice, The Low Anthem, and Bright Eyes. Now you see where my true colors lie.

This 7-song EP was recorded live in Orlando last summer and presents a more stripped-down version of the Orchestra, with the vocals often being the loudest instruments in the mix. Somber, soulful, and sweet, check this record out. The songs really translate well acoustic and live. Start with "Shake It Out " and "Tony the Tiger."

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