Saturday, April 3, 2010

matt pond PA

Add Date: April 6

Artist: matt pond PA

Album: The Dark Leaves

Label: Altitude

Genre: Pop

Comments: From the promoter:

"From a cabin in the woods outside of Bearsville, NY-- where there's nothing much to do but watch the grass grow up with the coyotes, deer, turkeys, and yes, bears-- Matt Pond let go of studio entanglements so he could hack off a piece of his own fate. .. [These songs] are far flung stories of heartache and pain and redemption. These are stories of pain where a person completely dives into their own pitch-black night and comes out again. These are also stories of when the dark finally leaves. ... After almost giving up on the world outside the woods, Matt Pond, with the invaluavle aid of Chris Hansen (engineer, co-producer) returns with The Dark Leaves. It's a record about surrendering and not, about having been done with darkness and having something to sing about."

Well, self-imposed isolation sure worked for Bon Iver when he made the stellar For Emma, Forever Ago and given the extent to which that story was publicized, it'd be surprising if Matt Pond didn't have it in mind while making The Dark Leaves. Anyway, something must about it must really work because while I'd never been much for Matt Pond before, this album is more attractive as it seems more earnest and less cutesy than what I remembered. For fans of Sea Wolf, M. Ward, and Mason Jennings. Check out "Remains" or "Ruins."


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