Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Young Pony Club

Add Date: April 13

Artist: New Young Pony Club

Album: The Optimist

Label: The Numbers

Genre: Rock, synth pop, dance rock

Comments: Up until now, it was easy to dismiss this London band as a one-trick pony. (Yes, I went there.) The song "Ice Cream," which was recorded way back in 2005 and preceded their first full-length by roughly two years, was undeniably catchy neo-disco, and has been featured in multiple TV commercials. However, beyond that track, the 2007 debut LP Fantastic Playroom never really jumped out at me.

Nor did it satisfy the members of New Young Pony Club. "'Disco punk' came to [the UK] from the fringes of New York, and it felt like an outsiders scene," vocalist Ty Bulmer says. So the band set out in a different direction for The Optimist. "I do remember making certain guidelines for this album, like no four on the floor, no cowbell and vocally no 'sexy talk' or monotone vocal," Andy Spence explains.

The result is a darker, yet still easily accessible synth pop record, with the band's New Wave and post-punk influences coming to the forefront. Less disco, more New Order and Depeche Mode; no gimmickry, but still danceable--it's a great change in direction for the band. Check out "Lost a Girl," "Rapture," "Oh Cherie" and the title track.

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