Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sugar & Gold

Add Date: April 27

Artist: Sugar & Gold

Album: Get Wet!

Label: Antenna Farm

Genre: Pop, Electro

Comments: From the promoter:

"With Get Wet!, the second album from San Francisco quintet Sugar & Gold, the band has turned in a complex yet celebratory pop record that represents a huge step forward from their disco-tinged debut. Their expanded palette includes elements of Electro, '80s R&B, New Wave Psychedelia, and German Minimalism, woven together in a framework of transcendent modern pop that is similar to tour mates Of Montreal and !!!. Make no mistake, Sugar & Gold are still bringing the grooves and party vibe the way no others can, but if you look closely, you might spot a tear or two on the dance floor this time around."

For fans of Calvin Harris, Of Montreal, and Michael Jackson. Check out "Stay Soft" and "Sneek Freq."


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