Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LCD Soundsystem

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LCD Soundsystem

This Is Happening


Electropop, pop

James Murphy is, and has been, on the verge of stardom. LCD Soundsystem's most recent LP, Sound of Silver, ended up topping many 2007 best-of lists, and was even named as the best album of the decade by NPR. Murphy's DFA imprint has worked with bands ranging from Hot Chip and YACHT to Black Dice and Free Energy, and he's been involved with production work and remixes for huge pop acts like M.I.A., Justin Timberlake and N.E.R.D.

So one might expect that Murphy's next step would be to make a genuine pop record, with 3-minute dance rock tracks that are just begging for commercial airplay. Nope. Not going to happen--that's simply not what LCD Soundsystem does. Outside of lead single "Drunk Girls," which clocks in at just under four minutes, This Is Happening is full of 6 and 7-minute electronic rock epics, songs that are as deep and intricate as anything on Sound of Silver without ever sacrificing accessibility. This is pop music as Murphy wants it to sound, and it sounds pretty damn good.

Check out "Dance Yrself Clean," "Home" and "You Wanted a Hit."

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