Monday, May 17, 2010


Add Date: May 18

Artist: Parlovr

Album: Parlovr

Label: Dine Alone

Genre: Pop

Comments: From the promoter:

"Diverse as the city that spawned them, Montreal's three-piece Parlovr (pretend the V is a U when you say it) are diving head first into the new decade with their self-titled debut. Despite the obvious nods to '80s post-punk and '90s garage, each track is oddly refreshing. From the yearning cries of 'Speech Bubble/Thought Cloud' to the opening epic 'Pen to Paper,' the album has a rooted dramatic touch to each song as they unwind spastically, yet they're also surprisingly full of teenage angst in a way we always hoped for but never really got from those bands we thought we loved when we were 18. Funny buisness aside, with opening slots for Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys you're sure to see and hear plenty Parlovr in the future."

Fun, super enegetic, kind of weird pop for fans of The Unicorns, Black Lips, and Poison Control Center. Listen to the opener "Pen to Paper."


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