Monday, July 12, 2010

Bare Wires

Add Date: July 13

Bare Wires

Seeking Love

Castle Face

Rock, garage pop

From the promoter: "Oakland, CA-based Bare Wires is a group of straight-up glam rockers who aren't afraid to experiment with the classic sounds of '70s rock bands as well as the lo-fi buzz of today. Their sophomore album, Seeking Love, doesn't stray far from their retro facade, with songs like 'If Its Over' showing off the band's allegiance to a well-placed guitar riff, and 'Young Love,' which gives off an upbeat garage vibe. A mix of lo-fi fuzz and feel-good power pop, Seeking Love throws Bare Wires into the mix with the likes of Harlem, Happy Birthday and Male Bonding."

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