Friday, July 30, 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club

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Bombay Bicycle Club

I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose

Arena Rock


Listening to I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, the 2009 debut from the UK's Bombay Bicycle Club that's just now becoming available in the States, I can't help but recall another London band: The Capes. The two acts' musical styles don't sound exactly alike, but it's similar in the sense of being British pop rock that reaches well outside the typical confines of what's known as "Brit pop." For The Capes, it was an obsession with '60s pop, the Beach Boys in particular; for Bombay Bicycle Club, it's post-punk and a little math rock. (I only hope the two bands have disparate fates; The Capes disbanded soon after putting out their lone, excellent LP, Hello, in 2006.)

I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose is a terrific pop record that had NME bill Bombay Bicycle Club as the "Best Band of 2009." This should appeal to fans of Canadian indie rock--think The Lovely Feathers, Broken Social Scene, maybe even Arcade Fire--as well as outside-the-box British bands like Los Campesinos! and Arctic Monkeys. Check out "Lamplight," "Always Like This" and "Open House."

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