Thursday, July 8, 2010

Over the Hill

Add Date: July 6

Over the Hill

The Album Is Dead

Monofonus Press

Rock, psychedelic rock

This is a very, very impressive psych rock record from the Austin band Over the Hill. The band clearly owes a debt to Sonic Youth--then again, what current psych band doesn't?--but there's a wide enough range of influences here to keep The Album Is Dead interesting throughout. At times they jam like Kim and Thurston, and at others they're veering into psych pop that isn't too far away from The Flaming Lips or Super Furry Animals. Also for fans of Past Lives, The Black Angels and Viva Voce.

Evidently, there's a video accompaniment for all 11 tracks, which you can find more about on the web site of their label, Monofonus Press. While I'm sure that's an interesting addition, the songs really stand apart on their own. I really enjoyed this LP from start to finish, but the highlights include "Evil Twin," "March" and "A Million Times."

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Hey Jeremy,
Thanks for the kind words. We'd love to send you guys the DVD if you didn't receive it!