Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Matthew Dear

Add Date: August 17

Matthew Dear

Black City

Ghostly International


From the promoter: "Black City is Matthew Dear's third album on Ghostly International [School of Seven Bells, Dabrye], and it's his darkest and most engrossing work to date... From the first notes of album opener 'Honey', it's clear that the love-obsessed Matthew Dear of 2007's Asa Breed has given way to a more existentially paranoid entity, as creeping tempos dominate, cavernous atmospherics envelop the listener, and strange distortions crackle on the horizon.

"Black City could be a metaphor for the dark city Dear now calls home, New York, but it could also be a place he escapes to craft his pop-rooted electro tales that deal in love and desperate cases. Either way, Black City is proof positive of Matthew Dear growing as a songwriter and a musician, as his most eclectic album to date blows through signs of Krautrock, Brian Ferry, and the golden '80s."

Start with "Monkey," "Slowdance" and the 9-minute lead single "Little People (Black City)."

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